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Curriculum Vitae

My name is Pete Jeans. Following 30 years with Shell, as one of their most senior and experienced Regional Geologists, I have, since 2004, successfully deployed my skills and expertise as an independent Exploration Consultant.

Note: In the sections below, "present" means "up to 2016", when I became, by default retired, in the aftermath of the oil price collapse. However, up to the time of writing (2021), I remain keenly interested in all matters geological, and have recently started to write a series of brief papers on the geomorphology of the Cotswolds, and the evolution of their landforms (see under "Publications").

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Academic Qualifications

1970: B.Sc Hons (Geology), University of Birmingham
1973: Ph.D. University of Birmingham

Professional Qualifications

» Member of the AAPG (1980 to present)
» Fellow of the Geological Society, London (1989 to present)
» Chartered Geologist (1991 to present)
» Member of the Editorial Board of GeoArabia (2000 to 2004)
» Member of PESGB (2001 to present)

Career History

2004 - present PJ Exploration Ltd Director
Continuously employed, with a wide range of client companies, ranging from small independents to large multi-nationals.

2002 - 2003 Shell Intl E&P; Rijswijk Regional Geological Consultant, Middle East Team-Leader, Iraq Exploration project

1998 - 2001 Shell EP International; The Hague. Regional Business Advisor, New Zealand, Regional Exploration Advisor, E and SE Asia and Australasia

1997 - 1998 Shell EP Intl. Ventures; The Hague. Senior Regional Geologist, Latin America and S.E. Asia.

1995 - 1997 Kuwait Joint Study Team, The Hague. Chief Geologist, then Project Leader.
(Team staffed jointly by KOC and Shell)

1992 - 1995 Shell International, The Hague. Africa, M.East, S.Asia New Ventures; Sr Regional Geologist.

1989 - 1992 Shell International, The Hague. Geological Advisor, Global Geology group.

1985 - 1989 Brunei Shell Petroleum, Brunei. Chief Geologist and Acting Exploration Manager.

1982 - 1985 Shell Western E&P Inc, Houston. Team Leader, Southern Rocky Mountains Exploration.

1979 - 1982 Shell Indonesia, Jakarta. Regional Geologist, Operations Geologist.

1973 - 1979 Petroleum Development Oman. Wellsite Geologist, Expl Geologist, Regional Studies Geologist.

Activities undertaken and responsibilities assumed in my career:

  • As an independent Consultant: review of farm-in opportunities; open acreage reviews; regional studies; new opportunity generation, and attendance at company in-house workshops and peer reviews as independent advisor.

  • EP Regional Business Advisor for New Zealand, covering all aspects of the EP business.

  • Exploration Advisor for S.E. Asia and Australasia, and Senior Geological Consultant, Middle East.

  • Development of a thorough understanding of geology and hydrocarbon systems. Generation of new plays and play concepts; and the supervision of their evaluation.

  • Development of contacts with Governments, industry partners, and National Oil Companies, and contract negotiation with the same

  • Provision of technical support and governance to Operating Companies

  • Drafting Board Memoranda to the Committee of Managing Directors in support of acquisition/funding proposals

  • Review and Quality Assurance of interpretation teams/methods in Operating Companies

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