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Publications and Presentations

» Madagascar Paper (1): S.Africa Geol Soc Centennial GeoCongress Proc. (1995)
"Geological Evolution and Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Majunga Basin and Karroo Corridor, Madagascar."
» Kuwait Paper: GeoArabia Vol 3 (4), 1998
"A New Look at the Middle to Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Offshore Kuwait"
» New Zealand Paper: NZ Petroleum Conference 2002"
“New Zealand competes on a global stage: the view from a major oil company.”
»AAPG, Barcelona, and Geological Society London, Presentation (2003)
"New Developments in Middle East Exploration and Production."
» Offshore Senegal poster: Conjugate Margins Conference, Halifax (NS) 2008 1 of 3 2 of 3 3 of 3
"Variation in crustal extension and its implications for hydrocarbon habitat in the Dakar – Rufisque area, offshore Senegal."
» Madagascar Presentation (2): PESA; NSW branch; 2009 Abstract PDF
"Geological Evolution and Hydrocarbon Plays of Madagascar (with occasional reference to Australia)."
»Fold and Thrust Belt Presentation: PESA; NSW branch; 2011 Abstract PDF
"Fold and Thrust Belts: an attempt to outline the controls on Hydrocarbon Habitats, and some illustrative examples."
» Offshore Kenya presentation: Geological Society of London Conference, 2012 Abstract PDF
“The Southern Lamu basin, offshore Kenya: evolution; structure; and hydrocarbon plays.”
» Perth Basin - Karroo Corridor presentation:PESA NSW branch; 2018 Abstract PDF
“The Perth basin, Australia, and the Karroo Corridor, Madagascar: similarities and possible hydrocarbon implications”

Geomorphology of the Cotswolds, England (a series of brief articles):-

» 1. The Thames story and its ancient Plateau Gravels. PDF
Gloucs. Naturalists Soc. News, Sept. 2020.
» 2. Wind Gaps, and the contrast between scarp and dip streams. PDF
Ibid, Dec. 2020.
» 3. River Capture and Outliers: successful and incipient. PDF
Ibid, (In press).